Puppy Training (2) NTU Canine Centre

Latest news

We are pleased to announce that we are now taking bookings for our Bronze GCDS classes! These can be booked through our website by clicking here. The course begins on the 7th of March at 7.30pm-8.30pm. The courses run for 6 weeks with the Bronze test being held at during the final class. We are very excited about starting these classes as we’ve had a lot of people interested 🙂

We also have lots of other courses and workshops running – Do check them out, we have something for everyone.

Last week saw Dr Jacqueline Boyd deliver an evening seminar on canine nutrition on Thursday evening and a Gundog Training Workshop on the Saturday. We’ve had great feedback from both of these 🙂 Jackie seems to have a real flair for inspiring individuals through her own passion and dedication (Not to mention she knows her stuff!).

We also had to say goodbye to our latest Polite Puppies last night – they really are a super little bunch. The featured image is one of Polite Puppies, Gertie. She is a rescue who has been blind from birth – she really is incredible, you would never guess she can not see. Her future really is bright with her fabulous owners and all the work they put in.

Happy training everyone 🙂

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