Whats coming up!

I thought i’d write a quick blog about what we’ve been up to and what we’ve got coming up.

Two weekends ago we ran our first Sniffer Dog Day – it was a total success and we’ve had lots of interest about hosting future ones 🙂 so this is something we will definitely be doing in the future. The course was taught by Hannah Thompson who honestly, is brilliant. Hannah runs her own training business (Woof!) in Lincoln and has both the theoretical and practical background to ensure courses she delivers are the very best. We had great feedback from everyone on the course too – that’s one of the main things for me. Its really important for us to get feedback – it’s our way of knowing whether we are delivering the type of courses you want to attend, if you enjoyed them and if there is anything we can improve upon. You can see photos from the day on our Facebook Page here.

Then on the Sunday we held a fun dog show, alongside a ‘have-a-go’ agility ring at the Open Farm event. This was a great day and we hope you all enjoyed yourself. However, I have NO idea how ‘judges’ pick winners out of fun dog show categories – It was so hard!!! One of our Student Helpers, Michael had to listen to me change my mind about who the winner was about 50 times for each category! The egg and spoon race and the musical sit classes were more objective making it easier to see the winners! I hope those of you who had a go at some agility enjoyed it… We always start off really simply and make it easy for the dogs to understand what we are wanting them to do. That way we get to reward them lots for doing a jump or a tunnel for example and suddenly, they’re hooked! You can look at the photos from the Open Farm Sunday here.

We also said Good Bye to our Good Citizen Bronze Class – and we are still working at a 100% pass rate… No pressure those of you in the new class 😉 It’s always sad when puppies and dogs leave our courses but we usually keep in touch and see them on future seminars, workshops or courses so that makes it a bit easier. However, I do LOVE seeing the progress each individual has made and how the partnerships have developed 🙂

This last weekend we had our second Recall Workshop and – despite the heat – the dogs did brilliantly. We had to adapt some of the training sessions to utilise the cooler indoor areas but we still got to practice what we’d learnt over the course of the day out in the ‘real world’. The dogs made brilliant progress – as they always do 🙂 On Tuesday we also welcomed a new puppy and good citizen group as well as catching up some faces from the past (I will take photos this week to show you all) in our new ‘Follow On’ class.

So that’s what we have been up to the last coupe of weeks – now for future events. The planning for the activity trail is well under way – I will be giving out a lot more information on that nearer completion but I thought i’d mention that there is lots of work going on behind the scenes 🙂

Our next block of agility classes starts a week today – i’m planning to take some pictures of them this evening as they’ve come on leaps and bounds (literally!) since they started at the end of January.

I have also set up a second puppy class on a Tuesday evening as I hate turning anyone away. These will be from 5pm – 6pm on a Tuesday evening and run for 6 weeks. The link to book a space on the most recent Polite Puppies in take is here.

We also have a Clicker Training Workshop on the 1st of July. This workshop is run by Alex and teaches you everything from the very beginning. Clicker Training is an awesome way to teach our dogs – if you want to find out more of book a space you can do so here.

With regards activities without dogs – albeit still all about dogs – we have two evening seminars coming up. These are available for everyone, cost £10 and run for 2 hours (although don’t quote us on that as we usually over run!). We have a Canine First Aid evening on Wednesday 2nd of August and a talk on Separation Related Behaviour Problems on the 16th of August both of which are taught by Alex, who has a degree in Veterinary Science and an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour. These can be booked here.

I try and make sure our Facebook Pages has all of our courses and seminars as Events as well as them being on the website – do have a look and see what takes your fancy.

So, I think that’s all for now – hope you’re enjoying the sunny weather – albeit taking it a bit easier in the heat!

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