Evie on beachThey say a dog comes into your life at just the right moment and personally, I feel this is a very apt statement. The following blog is about one of the greatest dogs who has ever lived, well in my humble opinion anyway.

Fifteen years ago, I lost my dad to cancer and having always wanted a dog, my mum agreed that we could get one (I mean it couldn’t make anything worse for sure!) so along came Evie. We knew we wanted a to rEVIE SIDEehome a rescue dog so a couple of weekends later we went along to our local rescue shelter. Our first visit was relatively uneventful, being only a small rescue there were only a handful of dogs there, none of whom fitted our ‘requirements’ (I use the term loosely as our only requirements really were under 3 years old). The following weekend, we visited again and walked through the kennel area having a look at who needed a home. As with the week before there wasn’t anyone who we felt was right for us, so we turned to walk back to reception. It was then I realised there were some dogs on the other side. We walked over and saw a cute little Labrador puppy called Jess. We made a note on our paper that we would like to see her out of her pen before moving on to the kennel next to her. But then I looked in the kennel to the right…

Evie and ball

That was when I saw her… Tia Maria as she was then called just had a face that totally melted my heart. Its funny how you just know in those moments that this is totally right. I remember getting a weird sense of panic inside that someone else might be reserving her as we speak so I ran straight back to reception and asked if we could meet her properly. They said yes and came back with us to get her out in the play paddock so we could get to know her a little more. Everything about her was perfect… She was so friendly, so sweet, so wild and just the most amazing little soul all bundled up in the perfect package. We reserved her there and then and, following a home check, Evie came home.

Evie JumpingOver the next 15 years she taught me everything I ever needed to know and indeed led me to where I am today. She was quite literally, the very best, most naughty individual, ever! Not in a bad way, she didn’t have a nasty bone in her body, but in a funny way! Some of her best moments include (but indeed are not limited too): Sneaking off on a walk, running into someones house, stealing their freshly cooked fish and promptly returning with said steaming fish without getting caught; eating an entire cake in front of the village WI whilst they all watched on in shock at how naughty she was; leading my Aunty to believe she was going senile by stealing cheese sandwiches off the counter every time she turned her back with such utter precision and speed my Aunty assumed she’d just miscounted; eating half a dead Evie and squirellsquirrel on a walk and refusing to drop the rest of it so carrying it home with legs and tail hanging out her mouth; eating the prepped food for Christmas dinner late on Christmas Eve (it turns out it’s almost impossible to eat that much food in one sitting so instead she nibbled the top off everything) resulting in the vegetarian contingency in the family having nut cutlets instead; playing with a dog so exuberantly that they both crashed into the front of my mums legs, snapping the ligaments in her knee, resulting in operations, hospital stays and 12 weeks on crutches (my mum probably finds this story less endearing!). And so the list goes on!

Evie and JuneEvie taught me how to smile irrespective of anything that is going on in life and her amazing zest for life was inspiring. She also, alongside being the naughtiest, was the kindest soul ever. So many people who were previously frightened of dogs, or who perhaps didn’t like them particularly, loved her! I never heard her say a bad word in her entire life. Ever.  Honestly, she was a dog a in a million.

Evie IcecreamWe sadly said our final goodbyes to her this May at the ripe old age of 15. Our last day together was beautiful, we went for ice-cream, had a little walk (where she met an entire dog to flirt with – another one of her favourite past times) and generally put the world to rights. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to do, they make our hearts complete and then they break them. But that’s the deal I suppose.

One day we will meet again and boy, what a reunion that will be….

2 thoughts on “Evie

  1. Ros says:

    This blog really struck a chord with me. Your story about your beloved Evie is very similar rto mine. I too went to a local rescue after losing a much loved dog. The last dog I viewed at the rescue was Poppy, who was on her hind legs being stroked by a couple. I knew instantly she was the one for me and was lucky enough to pass my home check and adopted her a few days later. Poppy was a Collie Cross, only 11 months old and I was her third home. She looked alot like Evie too. To say she was naughty was an understatement. When excited, she would round people up and nip their ankles. She got me into lots of trouble with joggers and cyclists. I took her to see a behaviourist and never looked back. This little dog taught me so much. She thrived on dog training, fun agility and had such a wonderful character. Sadly, she died suddenly, aged nearly 9 years, in July 2016. I still miss her so much.


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