Agility Classes

peggy-jumping-largeDog agility is fun, fast and addictive!¬†Every year, more and more people get involved in agility with their dogs. It keeps both you and your four legged friend fit and it’s a great way of meeting new dog owners. The Kennel Club is the main governing body of agility and runs licensed shows up and down the country throughout the year. For more information on agility including its history, the equipment and indeed competitions click herelex-weaving

At Nottingham Trent University, we run weekly training classes from beginner level through to competition level. The classes are held in a fully secure, indoor equine arena using Kennel Club standard, rubberised equipment. The courses run in four week blocks and focus on the fundamental skills agility dogs need.15941696_1218031761615932_1895296083_n

Beginner Classes – FULL
These classes are suitable for all dogs who are new to agility and over 6 months old. The classes focus on teaching dogs how to jump, how to turn, how to complete contact equipment, alongside how to be confident and aware of their bodies. The courses are rolling thus, you can book on to subsequent courses until you are ready to progress on to the intermediate course. The Course is currently full for beginners – however, we do operate a waiting list. If you’d like to be put on the waiting list, please drop us an email.

Intermediate Classes – FULL
These classes are suitable for dogs who have done agility before and are experienced on the equipment. The intermediate classes focus on sequencing and handling techniques and prepares your dog for competition. The course is rolling, thus you can book on to subsequent courses each month. The intermediate class is currently full however, we do operate a waiting list so do get in touch if you’d like to put on the list.

Advanced classes

Dog Agility Class - Weaving

Theses classes are suitable for dogs who currently compete regularly and who are wanting to improve handling techniques and proof specific skills. If you would like to book on to this course, get in touch via our contact page with information on your dogs experience.

Course Dates

September Course; 25th of Sept – 16th Oct

October Course; 23rd Oct – 13th Nov

November Course; 20th Nov – 11th Dec

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