Behaviour Consultations

Evie and JuneSometimes, dogs display behaviours that can be problematic for owners, which fall beyond the remit of a training classes. When this happens, behaviour consultations are needed to help owners understand why these behaviours are occurring and how to help them.

Juno hand touchEmily has a BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and Alex has a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Science before they both completed their MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Lincoln University. Alex and Emily are dedicated to understanding the motivation behind the behaviour and offering up to date, effective behaviour modification plans allowing dogs and owners to succeed.

Alex 3The behaviour consultations last around 2 – 3 hours where a full history will be taken, observations of the behaviour (where safe) will be seen and a full behaviour modification plan will be designed for the individual.


The cost of a behaviour consult is £250, or we offer a discounted price of £100 if you would be willing for the consultation to be filmed and used at teaching material for Masters students.

We offer behaviour consultation for both dogs and cats – for more information and to book, please contact us via the contact page.