Evening Courses

Our evening courses are aimed for all dog owners alike, whether you are thinking of getting a dog or whether you have owned and trained many dogs, there is a course for all.

Understanding, preventing and helping reduce Separation Related Behaviour Problems

Me and ZipperDogs are a social species and as a result it can be a common problem for them to become distressed when they are left alone. However, with a bit of help they can easily learn that being left alone is a time to sleep and relax. This evening talk will look at some of the reasons our dogs may develop separation related problems as well as ways in which we can help prevent this occurring. It is ideal for all dog owners and trainers who would like to understand more about separation related problems. The seminar is taught by Alex Bordin, a clinical animal behaviourist and runs from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.


Canine First Aid Evening 

10526126_10152588615756468_4187793984385306245_nThis seminar teaches both owners and pet professionals, basic first aid in emergency situations. These skills can help prevent a dog from getting worse before help is given by your vet. The evening is suitable for anyone who wishes to understand more about canine first aid and is a great addition to your dog owning tool kit.The first aid evening is taught by  Alex who, alongside his behaviour Msc, also has a degree in Veterinary Science.

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 Canine Nutrition Seminar

Dog Agility Class - WeavingThis seminar will aim to examine the essentials of canine nutrition and feeding. The seminar is non-credit bearing and is intended for dog owners, handlers or trainers to enhance their knowledge and understanding of canine nutrition.
The seminar will be theory based with an opportunity for questions and discussion.
Topics to be covered include;
Feeding the Domestic Dog
Essentials of Canine Nutrition
Feeding for Different Physiological States
A Review of Canine Nutrition – Fact or Fiction?

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 Introduction to Canine Behaviour 

peggyEver wondered what your dog is trying to tell you? This evening course focuses on understanding body language in dogs and helping owners to understand the subtle signals. In other words, how to understand what your dog is trying to say. It is a 2 hour talk involving both discussion, taught content and practical aspects that allows owners and trainers to develop their own understanding on subtle signals. The course is taught by one of our clinical animal behaviourists, Alexandre Bordin.


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