Weekend Workshops

The weekend workshops focus on specific skills for you and your dog from fundamental life skills to fun trick classes. They are taught by experts in the field, are limited to 6 working spaces and cost £50 for a working space. We update the dates for our courses regularly so please keep an eye on the page. You can book your space on the course by clicking the ‘book here’ link and following the on screen instructions.

Recall training

evie-peggy-and-zipper-runningThis workshop trains the skills needed to help create a really reliable recall in your dog. Having a reliable recall is fundamental if your dog is to ever be off lead. It needs to be immediate, fast and consistent. This course focuses on a number of games to help create a recall that is all of those things. The courses are held outside in securely fenced areas where livestock graze during the day to allow for a more representative environment.

Book Here – 11th of November 10.00 – 14.00 

Gundog Training Day 

Molly workingDo you live with a gundog breed?  Are you interested in how to harness their natural abilities?  Are you interested in gundog work but are not sure where to begin? This workshop aims to provide you with key knowledge and understanding relating to the essentials of gundog work, training and how to improve your relationship with your gundog! The workshop will be delivered by Dr Jacqueline Boyd who will share her experiences of living and working with gundogs from a scientific and applied perspective.  Topics to be covered include; How to live with a gundog breed; Key principles of gundog work; How to incorporate gundog training into your pet’s life. The workshop is limited to 5 handler spaces and 5 spectator spaces. For a handler space, dogs must be a gundog breed, be 6 months old or over and have basic obedience skills (sit, stay, recall)

Book Here – Sunday 3rd December 1.30pm – 3pm

Sniffer Dog Workshop

15941696_1218031761615932_1895296083_nThis course is taught by Hannah Thompson who will teach you and your dog the beginners of scent work training. The training utilises your dogs best sense – their smell! The workshop will walk you through both the theory behind how to teach scent work followed up with putting the theory into practice. The course is suitable for all breeds and ages. The course runs from 10am – 2pm.

Book Here – Saturday 27th of January



Golden Oldies Training Day

EvieThis is a day for both our golden oldies and younger dogs who are on restricted exercise. It teaches a multitude of tricks and behaviours that you can continue to teach your dog at home. All of the skills taught will be low impact and will focus on mentally engaging your dog without being physically demanding. It is a great workshop if you’re wanting to add some new things into your older dogs life, or if you’re needing to tire out a dog who may be on rest.

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